Our Struggle

Daily Test:To improve speed and handwriting of the students DEEP CLASSES conducts 'Daily Test' (except Sunday). It will be conducted for 20 to 30 min. on daily basis. By way of 'Daily Test' students can make proper study of their subject. No. of Test 150 

Weekly Test:On every Sunday topic wise test will be conducted on syllabus taught in that week. 'Weekly Test' papers help the students to revise their weekly studies. By way of 'Weekly Test' they can check their studies and ability to study. If any student has failed in three consecutive papers then he/she is liable for punishment or further action. No. of Test : 50 

Unit Test :It is a quarterly examination held on syllabus taught in vacation. It helps to cover initial syllabus of the academic year. As per Board system, unit test will be conducted which build the confidence of the students at Initial stage. No. of Test : 06 

Semester Examination:It is a term examination held on syllabus taught in first term. It's a semi-board examination. As per Board system, Semester will be conducted which improve the percentage of the students and also to make a proper practice to write the paper. No. of Test : 06 

Objective Test:Objective Test will be conducted in between two papers of Final Test Series which helps to secure full marks in objective and also help to Improve the total percentage in Board Exam. No. of Test :12 

Final Test Series:It is a preliminary examination, generally held in the month of December - January. It is one of the type of preparation to write and complete the Board papers within time. In the 'Final Test Series', total syllabus will be divided into three equal parts. Separate round wise exam will be held on each equal part. After completion of these three rounds, fourth and final round will be arranged on full syllabus. 'Final Test Series' builds lot of confidence among the students before going to the Board examination. No. of Test : 30